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Patient Compliance to Prescription above 79%

Our experienced, licensed Respiratory Therapists excel in providing the best equipment and services - recognizing that each patient requires a unique therapy.

To meet the needs of our patients and professionals, we offer a wide range of respiratory systems.  Our team will regularly monitor, evaluate, educate and support each patient's oxygen needs.

Licensed Respiratory Therapists with Pediatric and Adult Expertise

Consultations at No Extra Cost with Patient Monitoring & Follow-ups

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Home Oxygen Services


  • Oxygen Concentrators
  • Portable Gas Systems
  • Home Fill Portable Systems
  • Related Delivery Supplies
  • Patient Need-Specific
    Delivery Systems
  • Stationary Gas Systems
  • Portable Oxygen Concentrators
  • Oxygen Conserving Devices
  • Emerging Technology
  • 24/7 Emergency Service

Sleep Therapy

History of Patient Compliance to Prescription above 79%
(industry compliance average is 50%)

Sleep Solutions:  A Patient Centric Re-Supply Program for Compliance and Infection Control. (Learn more on our Sleep Solutions Page)

  • All Major Manufacturer Equipment and Supply Brands
  • Utilizing the Most Current Technology
    • CPAP and CPAP auto
    • BiLevel S & ST
    • Third Party Compliant Overnight Oximetry Testing
    • Respironics Dreammapper App
    • ResMed My Air App
  • Contact Sleep Solutions Department directly:


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Upstate HomeCare's credentialed Respiratory Therapists work with your patients to maximize their sleep therapy comfort in the home.

Upstate HomeCare's Sleep Solutions program was developed to maximize patient compliance.  Referring health care providers will develop a partnership with our representatives using an efficient system of data retrieval.  We have streamlined our services to offer you the resources and tools that result in less disruptions to the provider and office staff and fewer patient complaints.

Our staff is committed to providing a stable home environment for our ventilation patients resulting in a sense of regularity throughout their treatment.

  • Invasive Ventilators and Supplies
  • Non-Invasive Ventilators and Supplies
  • Humidification Systems
  • Airway Support Systems and Supplies

Our staff is committed to providing a stable home environment for patients who are dependent on ventilation therapy.

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Ventilation Therapy

Our clinicians are highly skilled with adult and pediatric expertise.  We offer simple, quick referral options via phone, fax, or online.  All care is provided under strict medical and pharmaceutical protocols with facility discharge synchronization and on-site liaisons.

Other Respiratory Services

  • Airway Clearance Equipment and Supplies
  • Medication Delivery Systems and Supplies
  • Suction Machines and Supplies
  • Aerosol Humidity Delivery and Supplies

Our staff will evaluate each patient to ensure we equip the individual with the most accurate system for the greatest benefit.

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We offer  Individualized patient/caregiver education and training, disease-specific therapy management,  consistent follow-up with patients and care partners, ongoing monitoring of lab test results, and patient centric delivery schedules.

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Parents holding their baby
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smiling man sleeping soundly
Female respiratory therapist
Woman waking up rested and stretching
Parents holding their baby
smiling man sleeping soundly
Female respiratory therapist
Woman waking up rested and stretching
Parents holding their baby