ResMed Announces Change in Limited Warranty for Ozone Damaged Machines


ResMed announced an update to its limited warranty that may affect whether you choose to use an ozone device with your ResMed machine and mask. Please review the detail of this update below.

ResMed's Official Statement:
"Effective for sales of ResMed machines on or after February 1, 2020, ResMed’s limited warranty will exclude damage to ResMed machines caused by use of ozone devices. The limited warranty on ResMed masks, with the exception of ResMed AirTouch™ products, will not be affected."

ResMed states they are not taking a position on whether or not a patient should use an ozone device. They leave the choice to "balance the convenience of using an ozone device versus the likelihood of potential damage to their ResMed machine." ResMed reinforces the cleaning instructions in its machine user guide: periodic cleaning with mild detergent and warm water only.

Ozone cleaning devices include popular brands such as SoClean, Respify & VirtuClean 2.0, are used to clean the PAP machine, tubing and masks using ozone, also known as "activated oxygen" or O3. Over time, ResMed claims repeated use of an ozone device may eventually cause internal damage to a ResMed machine, leading to an increase in motor noise.

What does this mean for the consumer? If you choose to use a CPAP cleaning devices that uses ozone to clean your ResMed PAP machine, ResMed will not fix your machine if ozone damage is found after February 1, 2020. Currently, ResMed is the only manufacturer that has made this change to their limited warranties; however, other manufacturers, such as Respironics & Fisher & Paykel, may follow suit.

If you purchased an ozone cleaning device and also use a ResMed PAP machine and have questions on how this affects you and what options you have, contact our Sleep Solutions department at 1-866-441-0873.

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